I am Adam I am Eve

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Do you feel trapped with your belief in religion and God, finding yourself questioning it? Like being trapped in a prison within your own mind?
Are you standing on the fence with religion and God? The story in this book could help you make up your mind one way or the other, releasing you of this conflict within yourself. The choice is yours to believe or not, as an adult it always has been, as a child growing up it wasn't. .
Fictional book based on fictional characters and events.

For all outward appearances Mary Jane is a simple conservative upper middle class Long Island housewife. Two great kids now off to college, family dog. Currently living in the suburbs, but something seemed to be missing in her life, she could never really understand what it was. Sex with her husband was for the most part, satisfying. Marrying her college sweetheart .Mary now in her late 30’s and having all this free time on her hands, her inner itch begins scratching at her.

She feels this within herself but doesn’t understand what it is. It starts in the back of her mind, in her subconscious mind. Mary Jane has yet to realize the full potential of her body and mind. To crack open her inner shell. Not just about Mary Jane surrendering herself to her body’s desires or her husband’s, not just for the pleasures of the flesh but for her mind and very soul. Come follow Mary Jane on her journey, a journey of enlightenment and understanding, an awakening within herself, a journey that takes her into the erotic world of B&D and BDSM.

Always keep an opened mind and let knowledge of yourself and the world guide you.





I have danced with the devil and prayed with the saints and the only difference between them both, is their taste in clothes.

Leonard Cascia





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“So there’s no heaven or hell,God or the Devil in your life anymore? No afterlife either?

So what do you believe in?”

Mary Jane

“I can just make up my own personal afterlife utopia, without God or religion, without fear. I can have eternal youth and beauty. Its only limited to my imagination. Spirituality and emotional fulfillment are both one and the same Joann. Emotional fulfillment is what were all really looking for in life.”

Come follow Mary Jane on her journey, a journey of enlightenment and understanding, an awakening within herself,
a journey that takes her into the erotic world of B&D and BDSM.

About the author.
A month before my 56 birthday I experienced an epiphany. This had a very profound effect on me and led me to write this book.
The difference in me now compared to say a year ago is as different as night and day. I am a completely changed person. One for the better and stronger within.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Friends, Family, Divorce.

Chapter 2

The journey begins.

Chapter 3

Role playing and the inner shell.

Chapter 4

The Ceremony

Chapter 5

A deeper understanding.

Chapter 6

Theater of the erotic.

Chapter 7

The journey ends.

Set yourself free.

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Spiritually invokes a sense of being emotionally fulfilled, spiritual leaders know this and they use it to their full advantage.

Religion and the belief in God is a form of bondage. The way you see yourself, the world around you and all the people in it.

Find your own inner Adam, your own inner Eve and set them free.

Spirituality without God, without religion,without fear.